Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What is," The Family Fish Farms Network."

... and what are they trying to accomplish?

We plan to create a national network of small,  highly productive and profitable aquaponics urban farms that produce both high quality seafood based protein (fish, bivalves, and crustaceans) in a small physical footprint.  Food will be grown in the same community where it is consumed.  Each of these urban farms will be interconnected through the  Internet.  They will be owned and operated by a worker/owner team that will be well trained and supported by a centralized administration that provides quality standards, training and national branding and marketing team.  This will be a sustainable, profit making social business with the following goals:

  1. Run as sustainable, profitable, and just business
  2. Eliminate farm source pollution
  3. Save fresh water
  4. Cut the carbon cost of food
  5. Create NEW Green jobs
The Family Fish Farms Network will be a network of discrete urban farms each producing one of more varieties of seafood and vegetables that are organic quality and fresh from harvest to the table.  This preserves the perishable enzymes and trace minerals often lost in packaging and through chemical and mechanical processing.   Approximately 25 Million Americans do not have access to fresh food!  We are an idea whose time has come and we intend to change the way food is produced and distributed.   We are the future of food.  Watch us ... we're on our way!

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