Friday, October 7, 2011

A Repost from Linkedin's "Aquaponics Sustainable Farming Forum"

Commercial Aquaponics Needs a National Voice

When it comes to food production, even the largest scale aquaponics farms are lightweights compared to the Agribiz giants. If we are to have a real voice at the table we need two things. A national commercial success and a vocal, well funded advocacy effort here in Washington.

The good news is that we have logic on our side. All the primal indicators are with us. ... most of which are economic. We are also a triple bottom line business: Economically Viable, Environmentally Sound, and Socially Responsible. We have a fledgling national organization (it supports both Aquaponics and the more traditional Hydroponics) the organization is called: The Recirculating Farms Coalition. ( Marianne Cufon is the Exec. Dir.

We believe in small ... we believe in commercial. Our preference is for a distributive system of aquaponics micro farms all commercial and branded under a single name. The is what we intend The Family Fish Farms Network to achieve. We do NOT feel competitive with anyone and will open our minds and resources to anyone who wishes to pursue this most elegant and logical solution to a number of societal problems.  The list of benefits runs down the left hand side of this blog.  Read 'em and Cheer!

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