Thursday, November 17, 2011

Creation of The Global Family Fish Farms Network

We have launched a global movement to establish aquaponics as a means to local food security and food sovereignty.  Today at 12:00 PM (Noon, EST) we will host our first international conference call to that end.

We have established a Linkedin Group named:  Commercial Aquponics.  If you have an interest in starting or supporting a commercial aquaponics food production program, then this is where you should be.  The group has some 50 or so members and it was only started a month of so ago.  This is a further indicator of the level of interest in Aquaponics in general and the larger issues of healthy food production and environmental husbandry.

What We Intend to Accomplish?
Background - Although some well run aquaponics operations exist both here and in other countries, the technology is not well known and reliable technical information necessary to run a commercial aquaponics operation is still not codified.  Understand that we neither refer to boutique operations that are dependent upon grants and philanthropy, nor do we include large scale factory operations.  The Family Fish Farms Network supports and advocates a distributive network of urban, peri urban, and rural micro aquaponic farms that are highly efficient and optimized for local food production.

Vision - It is our inention to create a framework, or network of highly efficient aquaponics micro farms.and in addition  to foster, support, and invest in those who share our vision.   The internet provides a common communications vehicle with which to establish such a network.  Our Linkedin Group has given us the sense of need and purpose necessary to this task.

Inception - We will start by building a common sense of purpose, sharing technology, and business models and then by group sourcing a funding mechanism.  We intend to do this In close association with The Recirculating Farms Coalition www.recirculatingfarms.organd as a member of that organization.  The specific details of the network are yet to be defined but the need is clear and the will obviously exists.  This is the first such conference call.  There will be others and we are also planning a Webinar to further share our model and vision.

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