Monday, November 12, 2012

20 Oz Oyster Mushroom Grown by Modular Growing Unit

These beautiful delicious and protein rich mushroom was grown using a proprietary system developed by Mike Duncan in Lake-fo-the-Ozarks Missouri.  It was produced in ten days using a modular growing methodology called The High Tech Mushroom Growing System, (HTMGS)

These wonderful mushrooms and many others can be profitably grown in an affordable modular unit.  The HTMGS employs a monitoring and control system that senses light levels, humidity, PH levels, temperature, air exchange rates.  The system also provides for feedback and self adjust various key elements like, light, temperature, and humidity.  Application of these modern production and food growing methods are creating a revolution in the ability of small farmers to produce a wide range of healthy nutritious mushrooms.   Presently we plan to offer Oysters Mushrooms (several different species)  we can grow almost any of the popular like Bottons, Portabello, Shitake, and Morels among others.

Mushrooms have a wide range of application other than culinary purposes.  Medical applications include immune system reinforcement, pain alleviation etc.  Another application of these grand single cell organisms is bio remediation.  Certain mushroom species can actually metabolized PCB's and Petroleum products.

Micro Farms:
The key is to become commercially viable, to be able to create and support a sustainable business for the small farm or  urban micro farmer.  In order to do this we are designing a unitized system that will be self-contained and come inclusive with all of the growing elements included.  This will provide all growing units, monitoring systems, HVAC and environmental controls and be fully plug in to local utilities or, alternative power network.

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