Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aquaponics Urban Farming - 101

"We plan to develop the business models and operating standards for the next century food production - Aquaponics Farms"
The Family Fish Farms Model
Our company employs aquaponics, a combination of intensive aquaculture and hydroponics to grow different varieties of seafood and vegetables.  Our business model includes distributive production with small local operating units. In consumer terms this means a wide choice of fresh local food options in both vegetables and seafood.   The resulting diversity in product mix gives us the flexibility to be responsive to local and regional consumer demand.

Aquaponics works like this
The technology is at least 500 years old.  It uses natural processes to brow both high quality protein (seafood and fish) as well as organic quality vegetables in a closed loop system.  The fish effluent is filtered and bio digested to permit only the nutrients to flow into the  plant growing subsystem (see graphic)  The fish are kept happy in clean clear water that is exchanged every three  hours.  Fish are sized to eliminate competition for food and the water is oxygenated and carbon dioxide removed.  Fish are also fed with organic vegetable based protein to eliminate contamination.

MSNBC Green Planet with Brian Williams explains how Aquaponics can solve the twin problems of feedign a growing population while treading lightly on the environment.   Ann Thompson interviews a subsidized aquaponics site that also provides training for young people who will operate and maintain the future growing needs of our planet.

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