Thursday, September 22, 2011

Urban Farms: A Growing Idea!

Food Security?  Urban Farming to the Rescue!
Environmental, Economic, Social, and Nutritional concerns augur well for the mass application of urban farming and we believe that Aquaponics will be the wave that brings Food Security and nutritious local food to cities and towns all over America.  Traditional farming in urban lots will prove a problem.  For example DC's soil is so polluted that present crops must be grown on raised beds. DC is relatively untainted by big heavy industry.  What about the rust belt?   Our model requires no soil, or fertilizer at all.  This piece from The Smart Planet Blog makes the point, that using urban agriculture cities could become self sufficient, without reliance on Agribiz or commercial fertilizer.

Could cities rely 100% on urban agriculture for their food ...
A recent study finds that cities could use vacant lots, rooftops, and backyards for urban agriculture to become self-reliant in basic food needs.
Publish Date: 09/13/2011 21:38

Urban Aquaponic Farming:  The ANSWER to Many Problems.
Urban Aquaponic Farming is enormously productive and it produces both protein AND carbohydrates. Our company employs aquaponics, a combination of intensive aquaculture and hydroponics to grow different varieties of seafood and vegetables.  Our business model includes distributive production with small local operating units. In consumer terms this means a wide choice of fresh local food options in both vegetables and seafood.   The resulting diversity in product mix gives us the flexibility to be responsive to local and regional consumer demand

The new mayor of Chicago thinks so and Detroit, and Baltimore, and many, many, others.  It's time to take off the blinders and see that Urban Farming, Aquaponics, and The Family Fish Farm Network can bring new green industry, provide needed jobs, save precious fresh water, cust the cost of food transport, and eliminate farm source pollution.  Let's do this folks ... go to our Facebook page (like and/or subscribe)  We also Twitter @famfishfarms

Emanuel: Turn Eyesores Into Urban Farms « CBS Chicago
Green acres could be sprouting up all over the city of Chicago if Mayor Rahm Emanuel has his way.
Publish Date: 07/26/2011 14:55

Stay tuned for more on this and watch our website: for more information on this critical development in Urban Agriculture.

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