Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Progress Update: What's Happening NOW.

Web Presence Grows as well
As many of you know, I have been busy on the Net ... the website (landing page) is now active on all our social media now.  You can get to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and our blog all from the bottom right hand corner of the site.  Our blog continues to be active as we are posting regularly there.  Let me give you the link once more.  ow that the website is moving towards being an effective tool for us.  Here is it:  Also, while I'm at it, here's our National Capital Jobs Coalition blog as well: and finally, our drumming website:
A Growing Partership
Under alliances and contacts etc ... we have reconected with an organization we worked with in the beginning.  They are an Aquaculture, or fish farm oriented group that has refocused on Aquaponics.  The United Network  of Aquaculture Producers. or UNAP.    This is run by an Engineer turned community economic development activist.  They are well connected in PG county MD. and have a facility there that includes a 13 tank installation.  The facility is not yet operational and we can still have significant input into the process.    The business relationship is under consideration as this email is being sent.  This will give our brand a home base and a resource pool to support ongoing development.
Rawn Tarrant formerly a program manager at Covenant House, a well known community development NGO here in the District and and former assoicate of Mayor Vincent Gray has joined our team as program manager.  We also have networked with Mike Tabor a former hippie and sixties hell raiser now a dedicated and experienced organic farmer. He is well connected in the affluent organic food community.  Mike has made several key introductions for us including the Rouse family of Reston and Columbia fame.

Recent Connections 
As part of our community engagement program here in DC we are partnered with Rob Ransom proprietor of the Dupont Hotels (3 small boutique hotels) here in DC.  Rob brings a unique community perspective and a passion for economic development, as well as, deep relationships in the community and local municipal government to our program...  Another recent connection is the pastor of a large church near us here in the NE DC area.  This is part of our community involvemment with faith based organizations as potential partners in a cooperative development strategy.  The Pastor has expressed interest in building on the property adjacent to his church.  We are presently discussing engegement of a minister as laison to the churches
Money Talks ...
I am working also on our Equity Plan for attracting social investors on Linkedin.  Our "Commercial Aquponics" group there has over 30 members and in one month only!   We have attracted top aquaponics production and technical experts and all have expressed a serious interest in our distributive business model.  Look to the Blog!  Try once more, if you are not getting emails on updates ... there are two steps to the  process.  One is the register, the  second to get email notices on posts.  Amanda et al ... I would like to hear from you folks who are still engaged and want to support us.  Let us know you're still out there ... it gets lonely here sometimes.
Look for an announcement on funding shortly.  I feel we are getting very close here

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