Friday, August 26, 2011

Energy & Environment Monitor - August 3, 2011

Here's What We've Been Saying All Along

The Family Fish Farms Network is advocating for a national network of urban aquaponic farms that will change the way we grow and distribute food.  The following comes from an independent, University based study.  This is conclusive proof that our model and distributive business strategy can change the environmental, societal, and gastronomical topography of America ... it it will taste better too!

The Rest of this blog post is a direct quote from The Energy and Environment Monitor:

"...Aquaponics produces safe, fresh, organic fish and vegetables. When aquaponics is combined with a controlled environment greenhouse, premium quality crops can be grown on a year-round basis, anywhere in the world. Aquaponics can be used to sustainably raise fresh fish and vegetables for a family, to feed a town or to generate a profit in a commercial farming venture.

■ Aquaponics uses less than 2% of the water that traditional farming does.
■ Aquaponics is energy-efficient: current systems use one-tenth of the energy conventional farming does.
■ Aquaponics has eight to ten times more vegetable production in the same area and time.
■ Aquaponics is fully scalable from backyard family systems to full commercial systems.
■ Aquaponics produce can be USDA Certified Organic and Food Safety Certified.

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