Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Senseless Food Model

Sure, ya' gotta eat ... but WHAT?
The green revolution that made America the envy of the world has passed.  Our "better living through chemistry," experience has left us with plenty of empty calories and empty, nutrition less vegetables, depleted soil, cardboard tomatoes, a ravaged food chain and more.  We are the best fed, under nourished people in the world.  Our high caloric food content is making us all obese and to be honest, I am the poster boy for that catastrophic example of scientific maladministration.

Now, science is telling us that they will make it right by further hyping our food with gene splicing and DNS modifications that will save us all.  AgriBiz has made the small farm untenable economically.  The days of the small farmer supporting a family and feeding thousands seems a myth from the past.    We want to change all that!

Aquaponics is an idea whose time has surely come
Aquaponics uses a natural process to create high quality organic food with no commercial fertilizer, very little water consumption and comparatively little carbon cost.  Since all production in our model is local, there is no real transport cost.  You should know that the average head of lettuce travels fifteen hundred miles to your table.  You can find out about Aquaponics by viewing one or more of the YouTube vids on this blog and from the MSNBC Green Planet segment below.

Our Business Model is Our Competitive Advantage

WE are a social, For Profit business!  Our goal is to create  prosperity, not wealth!  We believe we can establish a network of small efficient aquaponic urban farms in every city in this country (and elsewhere) These Family Fish Farms will be owned and operated by the people in the neighborhoods in which they exist.  We will handle the sales and marketing and provide a national brand to assure customer loyalty and quality.  I plan to use this blog ot explain our model and to educate our viewers about sustainable development and to share our vision of distributive production.  We don't want to be Agribiz ... we want to be Local Food. 

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